For 40 years, JEM Tech Group has aspired to build long-lasting relationships by making great strides to bridge the gap between Facilities and IT professionals. Our goal is to help customers achieve full optimization of their mission critical infrastructure covering data centers, telecommunication closets, branch offices, remote sites, and command and control centers. To accomplish this, JEM takes the time to listen and understand the customer's needs, offering vendor neutral strategies resulting in significant savings on their long-term energy costs.



When you engage JEM for a project within your mission critical infrastructure, we are by your side every step of the way from the design process to full product installation. Our distinct process includes: establishing short and long-term goals; needs assessment; solution design and presentation providing product, software, and service recommendations; proof of concept; sample and/or past performance reference(s); budget generation; creation of a product and solution implementation timeline. The JEM team has many years' experience in each step of the process and will monitor each phase closely ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Mission Critical


Stability, agility and efficiency reign as the top IT infrastructure goals. A stable mission critical infrastructure means less time "putting out fires" and more time implementing new platforms or optimizing existing ones. JEM offers a wide range of industry leading products for data centers, telecommunication closets, branch offices, remote sites and command and control centers to accomplish these goals.

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