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Specialized Floor Cleaning Services

Floor Cleaning To Protect Your Mission Critical Environments At JEM Tech Group, our goal is to provide you with specialized cleaning services to protect your mission critical environments from airborne particulates and keep it running efficiently. Those environments include areas such as data centers, telecom rooms, network closets and print rooms. Our cleaning team is […]


Revision 1.0 12/14/17 1.) These Terms and Conditions of Sale (this “Agreement”) apply to, and govern the sale of, any products (collectively, the “Products”) by JEM Tech Group and/or one of its affiliates or subsidiaries identified in the applicable quote, order document, or credit application (the “Seller”) to the applicable customer identified in such quote, […]

While Minor this is Extremely Critical for Efficiency

Stop unwanted air recirculation in your data center. Download flyer: EziBlank

Product and Service Sheet Download

JEM’s Product and Service Sheet Download our product and service sheet to keep or share with your team. For products or services not listed on the sheet, please contact us. Download our product and service sheet here.

JEM Tech Group Accomplishments

Accomplishments and More Interested in learning more about JEM?  Not only will you learn about key points of JEM’s history, you will also find our best accomplishments to date.  In addition, you will also find our business organization memberships, community involvement, and a partial client listing. Check out our resume now!