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Data Centers and Climate Change

Climate change: Are you confident that your data center can withstand extreme weather such as hurricanes and flooding? Throughout the years we had focused on making our mission critical infrastructure energy efficient.  Today we can no longer ignore the issues that are occurring because of climate change.  The task at hand for Facilities and Data […]

Another great article about JEM Tech Group

JEM Featured in Momentum Magazine JEM is proud to be part of the latest publication of Macomb County’s own Momentum Magazine. Jane Peterson has provided an excellent overview of who JEM is, our rapid growth as well as our future plan. She also mentions our commitment to our community. To check out the latest publication […]

Michigan’s first ‘green rider’ tariff to power large companies

Green Rider Tariff First for Michigan Consumers Energy plans for Michigan’s first green rider tariff to power large companies. Notably, Switch recently opened a 1.8 million-square-foot data center in Grand Rapids. As a result, this proposal would allow Switch to power this massive data center with 100% renewable energy. Click here to read further into the […]

Building an IT resiliency plan into an always-on world

Why Enforce an IT Resiliency Plan? In a highly connected world, most organizations enforce IT resiliency and make their resources continuously available. Downtime is costly therefore it has become unacceptable and even unaffordable for many organizations.  For large companies, the losses can be very overwhelming. Therefore, it is important to make resources continuously available and […]

3 Ways #DataCenters Can Use #CFD Modeling Right Now

Have you considered a CFD study?  Here are three ways that your data center ecosystem can benefit from CFD. Click here for more information.