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Smarter Data Center Infrastructures

Smarter Data Center Infrastructures Are Critical to Business Success and Digital Transformation says New Research Data centers that employ smart infrastructures and dynamic infrastructure management tools experience fewer problems and security breaches, according to a recent special study conducted by global research firm IDC and sponsored in part by Raritan®. IDC reached out to almost […]

Ensure business continuity and boost network resiliency

Opengear IM7200: Infrastructure Management Solution The Opengear IM7200 is a state of the art infrastructure management solution.  Streamline management of network, power and server infrastructure in data center and remote environments all while ensuring business continuity and increasing network resilience. Receive proactive monitoring and remediation while minimizing disruption and downtime utilizing Smart OOB with Failover […]

Security is Crucial to Mission Critical Spaces

Are you currently looking for security solutions for your mission critical infrastructure? Physical security has become a priority for all data centers, sever/computer rooms, disaster recovery locations and telecommunications closets. Protecting assets such as personnel, hardware, programs, networks and data is imperative. Regulatory compliance is a huge concern in many industries and frameworks including PCI […]

Consumers Energy plans for Michigan’s first ‘green rider’ tariff to power large companies

Switch recently opened a 1.8 million-square-foot data center in Grand Rapids.  This proposal would allow Switch to power this massive data center with 100% renewable energy. Click here to read the article.

Building an IT resiliency plan into an always-on world

A multipronged approach is the best protection against unaffordable and unacceptable downtime in today’s 24/7 business cycle. To view the article, click here.