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Specialized Floor Cleaning Services

Floor Cleaning To Protect Your Mission Critical Environments At JEM Tech Group, our goal is to provide you with specialized cleaning services to protect your mission critical environments from airborne particulates and keep it running efficiently. Those environments include areas such as data centers, telecom rooms, network closets and print rooms. Our cleaning team is […]

The iPDU Handbook

Find value in this iPDU handbook.

Furniture and Technology Solutions for 9-1-1/Emergency Operations Center 

JEM offers innovative furniture and technology solutions to mission critical 9-1-1 and emergency operations center environments. Furnishing your facility We have a variety of solutions for your 24/7 mission-critical environments such as command and control consoles, modular bench systems, modular office furniture, racks and enclosures, intensive use ergonomic seating, and other ergonomic accessories. Powering your 9-1-1 facility […]

Data Centers and Climate Change

As the climate changes, are you confident that your data center can withstand extreme weather such as hurricanes and flooding? Focusing on Climate Change Throughout the years we had focused on making our mission critical infrastructure energy efficient.  Today we can no longer ignore the issues that are occurring because of climate change.  The task […]

Room Based Airflow Management Optimization Methods

Room based airflow management is important as we often find hot air mixing with cold air making cooling units work harder to deliver enough air to the IT equipment.  We also find air slipping through unsealed cable cutouts  underneath cabinets, holes in the perimeter walls, under the raised floor, behind air handling units, above the […]