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Blanking Panels are Extremely Critical for Efficiency

EziBlank Blanking Panels ensure energy-efficient data-center operation Did you know, energy costs account for 25% to 40% of operational expense?  Not only do the EziBlank modular blanking panels prevent recirculation of hot exhaust air with the server rack, they are also environmentally friendly. Furthermore, the scratch resistant textured surface offers an aesthetic appearance, is durable […]

How to make “dumb” PDUs “smart” in minutes

Why buy a smart PDU when it’s faster and cheaper to make your existing PDU smart? To get your rack ready for a smart PDU, you need to remove the existing gear, run an Ethernet cable, allocate the switch port, and assign an IP address. The associated costs are often more than the cost of […]

Manage your power infrastructure smarter

Have peace of mind knowing your networks and connected equipment are protected so you can concentrate on faculty and students.  Furthermore, these products help you organize, protect and manage your IT environments.  They also integrate with today’s top virtualization and converged infrastructure vendors. Applications 1 – Security: Safeguard cameras, video surveillance monitors/equipment, lighting in camera-protected […]

Zonit Micro Automatic Transfer Switch

Smallest Automatic Transfer Switch and Fully Functional Although the Zonit Z-ATS is the world’s smallest it is also the most efficient for data center equipment.  Not only is it capable of transferring at any phase angle, it also enables a different approach to the deployment of power. This device is a zero “U” self mounting unit […]

Out of the box cooling option

We often see high density rack cooling systems utilized in high performance computing applications within the academic and scientific world. However, below is another direction to deploy this flexible out of the box cooling option. Edge Computing With more users streaming content and downloading information, latency between provider and user is an issue. While edge […]