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Room Based Airflow Management Optimization Methods

Room based airflow management is important as we often find hot air mixing with cold air making cooling units work harder to deliver enough air to the IT equipment.  We also find air slipping through unsealed cable cutouts  underneath cabinets, holes in the perimeter walls, under the raised floor, behind air handling units, above the drop ceiling and far more perforated tiles than required.  Overall, the ultimate goal is to raise the return air temperature set points to increase efficiency and capacity.


Containment eliminates the mixing of hot and cold air in data center environments to maximize energy efficiency and lower operating costs.  Cold aisle containment confines cold air supply, eliminating hot spots while hot aisle containment guides hot exhaust airflow back to the AC return.  Learn more about obstacles in data center containment here.

CRAC Collar

CRAC collars are used in conjunction with containment strategies.  By containing and directing the warm plenum air to your air conditioning system, efficiency and equipment performances increase while reducing overall energy consumption.  Find more information about CRAC collars by clicking here.

Raised Floor Hole Filler Ideas

The products listed below will help improve air conditioning efficiency and reduce energy cost by preventing cold air bypass and re circulation.

Air foam is fire-resistant, flexible and resilient, conforming to any space without the use of tools.  To learn more about air foam, click here.

Cube cable cutout cover is a fireproof material that fills openings by simply compressing or squeezing it into place then releasing it.  The hole will instantly fill in all around the raised floor opening.  Check out the many sizes offered or ask about custom sizes.

Raised floor grommets are often overlooked during installation.  Grommets are another great way to help ensure PUE goals are met and operating costs are minimized.  Here are six reasons to specify air-sealing grommets.

Air Skirt Barrier

Seal gaps below, above and between racks keeping cool air where it belongs.  To learn more about air skirt barriers, click here.

Directional Airflow Tiles

Integrate directional airflow tiles easily into your existing raised floor system while maximizing the financial performance of any new or existing data center.  Click here to find out more about directional airflow tiles.

Underfloor Baffle System

An underfloor baffle system is an effective raised floor partition system to control airflow distribution in raised floor data centers.  Learn more about this product and suggested applications.

Ceiling Grill

Ceiling grill tiles are used most effectively with hot aisle containment. The tiles allow hot IT equipment exhaust air to pass into the drop-ceiling void and be directed back to the AC unit. Check out more information on ceiling grill tiles here.

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Installation Services

Did you know JEM offers installation services on the products we offer?  Ask for an installation quote with your next order.  Click here to view our services.

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