Data Center

Data Center Infrastructure

Data centers have been in existence since the 1950’s when IBM and American Airlines developed the first passenger reservation system. The purpose of the first data centers were simply to protect computers from dust, contaminates, and other hazards.

Today, data centers are much different than they were years ago, and they continue to evolve as technology advances. They are considered the critical backbone of a company. Data centers play a vital role in the compute, storage, network, and management of information. They store, communicate, and transport all the data we produce and use every day. Therefore, security and reliability are top priority for data center leaders. Important elements include a secure facility as well as supportive power, cooling, and physical securities infrastructures. Other important elements include IT equipment and operations staff as well.

As your IT environment evolves, JEM will be by your side to help with assessment, planning and infrastructure migration. Or data center product and service links are there to provide you with ideas and insight to each segment of your data center as you move toward the future.

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