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Dry-Type Transformers

Are you trying to reach your set carbon footprint reduction goals? Developers and building owners are implementing retrofit projects in order to increase energy efficiency. The power distribution system is a big contributor to high energy usage. Therefore, dry type transformers are attracting more attention as they are responsible for the entire powertrain. Transformers that are more than twenty years old are nearing the end of their useful life becoming less efficient than modern units after the 2016 Department of Energy requirements.

By owning newer high performance dry type transformers, you can see huge savings in energy efficiency. This also helps reach goals such as managing impedance, arc flash, fault level, inrush, harmonics, and more. Testing and verification of an older unit will provide a baseline to compare projected savings once a new one is installed and measured. Often times, energy efficiency projects are designed to be financed through the energy savings. Therefore, high efficiency dry type transformers often pay for themselves through energy savings in a few years.

Powersmiths Transformer Loss Reduction Curves

Powersmiths E-Saver Opal dry type transformers are optimized for maximum energy loads. This means, wasting on average 80% less electricity compared to older transformers and 25-50% less energy than today’s standard units.

Learn more about how Powersmiths E-Saver Opal Transformers can help you see a significant decrease in electricity waste, resulting in a reduction in environmental impact and a lower utility bill for your facility.

Download this white paper to read more about savings highlights from a Powersmiths transformer replacement.