Edge Computing

Enconnex Edge SolutionIn a world where mission critical functions require immediate insight, edge computing pushes applications as well as, data and computing power away from centralized points to locations closer to the user.  Technologies such as AI, IoT, 5G networks, big data analytics, machine learning and growing load on cloud infrastructure are driving the demand of edge computing.

As can be seen below, there are several reasons to connect, compute and control at the edge.

Latency is intolerable. With this in mind, functions that take place at the edge can minimize latency issues.

Bandwidth use can become overwhelming when data flows to and from the cloud which can also be costly. Edge computing is a simple resolution to this problem.

Threats of an attack or breach are greater when transferring data across longer ranges such as a campus, state or ocean. Reduce security vulnerabilities by processing data at the edge.

Duplication may occur if all the data is collected and sent to the cloud. For example, there may be equipment duplication in memory, storage, networking equipment and software. Avoid duplication to reduce capital and operating expenditures.

Reliable operation in conditions with intermittent or limited connectivity. With edge computing, business operations can continue without the worry of data loss even when your connection to the cloud is affected.

Industries that benefit from edge computing:

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