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Past Webinars:

– What Keeps You Up At Night Webinar Series: Improving Data Center Reliability and Efficiency by Solving Power Quality Pain Points (click to watch)

Joe Babiak, North Commercial Channel Account Manager with Legrand discusses the importance of power quality at the rack, how to identify power quality issues and tools to improve efficiency and sustainability of power quality. Learn more about the next-generation PDUs and the PDU health check.

– What Keeps You Up At Night Webinar Series: Sunbird Demo – Super Fast Asset Audit
(click to watch)

Scott Sandal, VP Client Services at Sunbird Software, Inc. provides a demo teaching you about inventory management and auditing with modern DCIM software that is compatible with 2D barcode and QR code scanners. The software includes built-in logic and voice response that guides you through the audit. It also automatically generates an exception report so you know what to change and enables you to audit the entire contents of a cabinet in minutes.

– What Keeps You Up At Night Webinar Series: Cybersecurity Defense in Depth
(click to watch)

James Martin, Global Connectivity Product Manager at Eaton addresses how to maintain visibility over your power distribution infrastructure as well as control and automate vital functions. Also learn how implementing cybersecurity measures can minimize the risk of attacks that can cripple business operations.

Sunbird Demo:  Implementing Edge Infrastructure Management – 5 Best Practices
(click to watch)

Learn real-world use cases from Comcast and Akamai on how you can leverage DCIM software to improve asset management to track all equipment at edge sites. Also learn how to enable remote power and environment monitoring and alerting, ensure the physical security of your edge infrastructure equipment, improve support and maintenance with spaces management, and provide visibility and transparency via dashboards and reporting.

– Sunbird Demo: Top KPIs You Need to Monitor to Remotely Manage Your Data Center
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Are you following remote data center management best practices and tracking the right metrics to improve up-time and efficiency? Watch this demo for valuable insights on how you can leverage DCIM software.

– Enterprise Connectivity and Integration
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Is your facility protected from environmental disasters? Watch this webinar to learn how to improve the visibility and planning of facility operations with environmental monitoring.

– KVM and Power Solutions for Remote IT Management
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For the health and safety of employees, work from home orders have been implemented while trying to keep business operations and systems running. In this environment, remote management can be an enormous benefit.