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Expert IT Services

Expert IT Services Provided by JEM

Whenever you have an IT project, JEM can assist you by simply engaging our experienced and professional team. The team takes pride by not only providing thorough, but detailed service. As a result, our customers frequently express complete customer satisfaction.

Service areas include:  Data Centers • Telecommunications Closets • Edge Applications • Control Rooms • Office Environments

Installation & Configuration Services  Environmental Assessment Services
Installation & Configuration
of many products JEM offers such as
UPSs, rack enclosures, PDUs, environmental
monitoring, aisle containment, DCIM software.
Environmental Assessments
of overall mission critical spaces
focusing on room design, power, cooling,
rack layouts and more.
Asset Documentation Services New Design and/or Remodel Services
Asset Documentation
in particular all IT assets
within your organization.
New Design and Remodel
services available for areas found
within IT mission critical spaces.
Project Management Support Services Cleaning & Repair Services
Project Management Support
from start to finish.
Cleaning & Repair
in areas such as data centers
and telecommunications closets.

Download our services flyer.  Do you have a service request that is not listed above or are you interested in receiving a quote? Contact JEM by calling (586) 783-3400 or email us at