Transforming Your IT Needs

A Geist PDU Can Enhance Performance and Management of Dynamic IT Spaces

The Basic Geist PDU meets a broad range of power distribution requirements for all IT applications while offering reliable, space saving, cost-effective power distribution at the rack. For a monitored or switched rack PDU consider Geist’s Intelligent rPDU line. For example the Intelligent PDUs are equipped with a network interface to allow for remote monitoring, management, and automated alerts.  Intelligent PDUs offer important insights on how to improve data center energy efficiency while enabling downtime prevention through notifications when user-specified thresholds for power and environmental conditions are breached.

How you will benefit from Geist PDUs

High Availability Design:

Due to the increase of rack densities, Geist PDUs have a rating specifically for high operating temperatures.

In order to prevent accidental dislodging, the PDUs are equip with U-Lock outlets to secure cords.

As business needs change and technology advances, the hot-swappable and upgradeable monitoring device allows users to upgrade.

Manage Optimized Energy and Capacity

Receive highly accurate comprehensive power monitoring due to the metering of key electrical parameters with +/-1% accuracy.

Geist PUDs offer the lowest idle power consumption in the industry.

Receive power and environmental trend reports by utilizing Vertiv DCIM solutions in order to gain visibility and control of energy usage by IT equipment.

Management Tools allow for Easy Integration

Integrate with Vertiv software stack in order to simplify implementation and change management which translates into real cost.

Vertiv offers support for IPv4 and IPv6.

Receive support for all major management, authentication and encryption standards and protocols to fully integrate with higher level data center management software provided by Vertiv or third parties.

Rack and Power Chain Compatibility

Geist PDUs are compatible with all industry racks.

They are also available in all major global voltage and amperage combinations typically used in data centers or remote sites.

You will find easy integration with Vertiv’s full line of power products.

Security Features

Visible Light Communication (VLC) offers quick and secure access to the unit and power consumption with the Vertiv rack PDU Scanner mobile app.

Get the highest security communication for Edge applications with Avocent ACS VPN and Out-of-Band communication.

SNMPv3, SSH, HTTP(s) and IPv6 support.

Learn more about Geist PDUs.  Click on this link for the interactive rack PDU product selector.

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