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High Density PDU Solutions Needed for AI Server Infrastructure

AI is impacting power demands requiring high density PDUs

Raritan PX4 Color High Density PDUDid you know, AI is becoming a key driver of data center cost? According to International Data Corp, global spending on AI is expected to exceed $301 billion by 2026.  AI applications often require substantial computer power which means higher power consumption. A High density PDU can offer power efficiency, space optimization, scalability, and reliability and redundancy.

Efficient Power: High density PDUs can provide efficient power, ensuring effective energy consumption, lowering waste and reducing operational costs.

Optimizing Space: They also allow for better space utilization providing a more concentrated power distribution. Organizations love the convenience of being able to utilize the extra available space for computing equipment, leading to more efficient data center layouts.

Scalability: The high density PDU is also designed to scale as power requirements increase. As an organization expands their AI infrastructure, they will not have to worry about major disruptions and the need for extensive modifications to the PDU.

Reliable and Redundant: Consistent and reliable power delivery is key with critical AI hardware. These high density PDUs come with features such as redundancy and failover capabilities.

Interested in learning more about high density PDUs? Take a look at Legrand’s Raritan and Server Tech PDU offering for your high density applications. Check out this Raritan blog post regarding the rapid growth of AI and the use of their PDUs to meet power demands.