Finance & Insurance

Finance & Insurance Industry

Finance & Insurance Industry

Complicated regulations, strict compliance requirements and evolving cyberthreats create significant risk for banks, credit unions, capital markets and insurance firms. The United States is the largest finance and insurance market in the world. Therefore the need for IT infrastructure will continue to increase. Consumers will request and use more online automated services creating additional demand on IT infrastructure.

Financial & insurance institutions are no strangers to analytics. In fact, many data-driven analytical techniques were born in the backrooms of banks and insurance companies. Also included in this are credit agencies and other financial institutions that depend on data for their livelihoods. These institutions now can raise their efforts to the next level using cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology. Artificial intelligence (AI) enhances existing analytics by adding new capabilities and allowing organizations to leverage analytics for real-time decision-making.

AI supports several important use cases, including fraud detection, market analysis, customer analysis and regulatory compliance. Firms that wish to use these capabilities effectively must transfer their unstructured data into

a usable form and then leverage AI to unlock the knowledge buried within that data. Such efforts are possible only when they are built on a solid foundation of technology that includes adequate computing resources, storage that is capable of maintaining Big Data stores, analytical software that leverages AI and a robust network capable of tying these components together effectively and efficiently.

Areas JEM Can Help

JEM has 40 years’ experience working with financial and insurance institutions and can help with your technology products and services needs in data centers, edge computing and network closets within your headquarters, branch offices, ATM kiosks and security offices.