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Wholesale & Retail TechnologyThe wholesale and retail technology landscape is being reshaped faster than ever for both brick and mortar and online stores. Because of this, customers are learning to expect a seamless shopping experience. Embracing new technology solutions allows you to keep pace with a changing marketplace. It can also help you stand out from the competition.

Retailers and wholesalers must reinvent themselves through digitalization and immersive technologies to survive in the world of e-Commerce. Big data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and automation technologies are improving such factors as customer satisfaction and operational efficiencies. Other areas include inventory management, as well as security and surveillance.

These are a few of the driving factors behind the implementation of edge computing infrastructure to enhance and improve operations and services. Given the amount of data generated by individual retail sites, edge networks play a critical role in alleviating the informational bottlenecks typified by large centralized data centers.

Areas JEM Can Help

We can help with your wholesale and retail IT and Edge technology needs: micro data centers, network closets and server rooms within your headquarters, retail stores, distribution warehouses, pharmacies, point of sale, and any other supply chain systems.

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