Energy & Utilities Industry

Energy and Utility Technology

Energy and utility technology needs are increasing. With 40 years’ experience working with energy and utility companies, JEM empowers your IT organization while you power the globe.

Utility technology

New technologies drive efficient and impactful decisions, and customers are expecting a more connected energy experience. Key technologies and trends are shaping the industry, including digital transformation and digitalization. Moving to a more digital platform is no longer a futuristic vision, but a realistic, growing technology initiative. This initiative leads to greater productivity, higher profitability, as well as improved decision-making.

Energy and utility companies are one of the top industries for generating large amounts of data. Data can empower utility organizations to make better regulatory decisions and to create more impactful marketing and communication materials. Also, boost operational efficiency, improve worker safety, enhance the customer experience, and improve the bottom line.

Energy and utility companies have rocketed to the frontline of IoT and AI revolution. It is fueled by solutions such as smart meters that capture customer energy usage data, wearables that track field worker safety, and sensors and drones that monitor power lines and pipelines.  Also investing in high-performance computing (HPC) is more critical than ever as energy companies seek to capitalize on the IoT by processing massive amounts of data to generate actionable insights.

Areas JEM Can Help

JEM can help assist in fulfilling your  technology product and service needs within your mission critical spaces such as data centers. We can also help with edge computing and network closets located in any location. For example, your headquarters, SCADA operations centers, remote sites, power plants, power distribution service centers, sub stations, gas pumping stations, wind turbines and solar farms.