Airflow Management

On average, 60% of cooling energy is wasted due to inefficient air flow and over-provisioning for hot spots. To achieve efficient data center cooling, you must reduce your facility’s air flow waste by separating cold intake and hot air exhaustion. By reducing the amount of air that needs to be supplied, less energy is used for data center cooling. As a result, temperature distribution across cabinets is improved. Adopting a strategy to improve data center air flow results in positive changes.

Airflow management solutions: Hot and/or Cold Aisle Containment, Rack Containment, Rear Door Heat Exchanger (HPC), Active and/or Passive Chimneys, Switch Cooling for Network Switches, CRAC Collars, Raised Floor Partition System, Rack Gap Panels, Blanking Panels, Brush Grommets and Air Foam

Airflow Management Products