Data Center Cooling Solutions

Proper data center cooling solutions are an important part of the mission critical design and is not a one-size-fits-all application. Cooling data centers and overall mission critical environments still account for about 30% of the overall IT energy bill.

Compute, storage and network IT technologies are forever changing. IT and facilities leaders must design their cooling infrastructure with flexibility and stability in mind in order to accommodate technology changes. As these changes occur, enhancements and/or modifications to the cooling infrastructures is necessary.

For example:
-Aisle containment and other airflow management best practices: channels air right to the IT     equipment (up to 20kW per rack)
-Rear door cooling (HPC): for power loads exceeding 20kW
-Edge computing: all in one enclosure with in-rack cooling

Also, since IT technologies have changed dramatically, IT and facilities leaders have implemented new strategies.  For instance:
-Free cooling
-Smart technology such as AI, IoT, and other environmental monitoring tools to consistently     measure temperature data and deliver the right amount of cooling based off that data
-Airflow Management best practices continually work on airflow management best practices

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Types of cooling: Free Cooling, Chilled Water (Liquid-Cooled), Pumped Refrigerant, Indirect Air Evaporative System

Cooling solutions: Perimeter, In-Row and In-Rack, Rear Door Heat Exchanger (HPC), Portable Cooling, and Ultrasonic Humidification

Cooling Products