Critical Facility Management & Monitoring

Data Center Environmental Monitoring and More

Today’s data centers, edge computing and other mission critical environments cannot be managed in a siloed approach. The sophistication of these complex environments need a comprehensive software solution. The solution should not only offer data center environmental monitoring but also management and control of all technology assets and critical infrastructures in real time to a network operations center.

DCIM give IT and facilities leaders the ability to run more efficient operations. It can also help with capacity planning for space, power, cooling and network.  The benefits include lowering the cost of downtime as well as overall support cost and time investment. Other benefits include quicker issue resolution and response times, as well as decreased demand on staff allowing productivity to improve.

Lastly, it can replace Excel, Visio, and home-grown databases. The goal of DCIM software is to bridge information across organizational domains such as Data Center Operations, Facilities and IT. This will help maximize utilization of the data center.

Did you know, JEM offers installation services and can assist in imputing assets into your DCIM software? Contact us for additional information or for a quote.

Solutions include: DCIM Software, Facility Monitoring Software, CFD Software for Modeling & Planning, and Environmental Monitoring

Critical Facility Management & Monitoring