Transforming Your IT Needs

Out of the box cooling option

We often see a high density rear door heat exchanger utilized in high performance computing applications within academics and science. However, below is another direction to deploy this flexible out of the box cooling option.

Edge Computing

With more users streaming content and downloading information, latency between provider and user is an issue. While edge computing reduces latency issues, these devices run at higher densities.  How are you cooling these higher densities?  Click here for more information.

Use a Rear Door Heat Exchanger for a Wide Variety of Cabinet Densities

The Motivair ChilledDoor® rear door heat exchanger offers maximum scalability and flexibility for future growth increasing efficiencies by up to 90%.  In this article, Data Center Frontier interviewed Mike Yamaguchi from LinkedIn to discuss their large deployment of the Motivair ChilledDoor®.  Not only do they reference the flexibility to have a wide variety of cabinet densities, they also discuss their ability to hit a PUE of 1.06.

To learn more about Motivair’s ChilledDoor® and it’s benefits, simply click here.