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DefenseShield: RF Shielded Enclosure for Military-Grade Defense Against EMI Attacks

DefenseShield 42U EnclosureThe DefenceShield RF Shielded Enclosure not only mitigates signals emanating from or interfering with electronics within the enclosure, it features lightweight, rugged construction in a standard server rack form factor.


This UL-listed cabinet provides for high-level EMI performance, assuring you that device testing over Wi-Fi, cellular, Bluetooth, Zigbee, and others are clear of stray signal noise from adjacent cabinets.


Allows for various data and power connections to adapt to your changing and growing device testing needs.


Provides sufficient airflow for more than 10kW of device heat load using ten powerful long-life fans.


DefenseShield is the highest-performance product with durable, rugged construction. At 376 lbs., DefenseSheild is exceptionally lightweight, making shipping, integration, and installation significantly more manageable. The design of many competitors products include plated steel or stainless steel. As a result, their product is too heavy for offices or data centers.


Through Enconnex, customers can not only select various shelves but also power options, network cabling, etc., from one vendor.

The DefenseShield EMC Hardened Enclosure is a Radio Frequency (RF) shielded cabinet that provides military-grade performance to shield technical surveillance and also block electromagnetic fields.


The rack is purposely built for effectively attenuating signals from 1MHz to 18GHz.

DefenseShield. It’s a maximum security vault at the server rack level. Download the DefenseShield PDF to share within your department.

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