Transforming Your IT Needs

Access Critical IT Infrastructure Remotely

Serial Consoles for Network Resilience

ZPE Serial ConsolesDo you manage the critical IT infrastructure for multiple locations? Are you able to access the infrastructure of those locations remotely? Serial consoles keep your networks up and running by allowing you to manage your critical IT securely from anywhere. Get Out-of-Band Management with Network Automation tools providing secure remote access, management, monitoring, control and deployment for your critical IT infrastructure from anywhere at anytime.

Here are the capabilities of the ZPE Systems solutions:

– Network Survivability
– Secure Remote Out-of-Band
– Centralized Management
– Secure Zero Touch Provisioning
– Automation and Orchestration
– Collapse IP and Serial Management Networks
– Secure at all layers
– Failover to Cellular via 5G & FirstNet
– Extensible Modular Hardware Solution
– USB-based Environmental Monitoring Sensors
– Virtualization / KVM & Docker

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Did you know, serial consoles have been around since the 1980’s. Learn how they have evolved throughout the years.