Logistics and Transportation

Logistics and Transportation Industry

Consumers are demanding faster delivery of goods and services. Therefore, logistics and transportation companies continue to revolutionize their mapping and routing capabilities to get real-time data. Several factors play a role in the supply chain transformation such as shipment tracking systems, IoT and RFID. Others include social media, and autonomous truck and drones.Logistics and Transportation Industry

Logistics communications and processes such as mobile apps for inventory and fleet management, Transportation Management Systems for logistics communications and processes will rely on a combination of cloud-based and edge resources to improve customer experience, streamline operations, and create new business opportunities.

Areas JEM Can Help

Here’s how JEM Tech can assist in deploying new technology solutions in warehouse, freight terminal, back office, and headquarters environments: micro data centers (preconfigured for quick, on-site deployment), network closets, server rooms, inventory tracking in warehouses and on vehicles.

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