Physical Data Center Security Solutions

It is crucial to secure your critical assets by protecting personnel, hardware, programs, networks and data from circumstances and events causing serious losses or damage to an enterprise, agency, or institution. JEM’s mission is to provide the most advanced physical data center security solutions with 100% auditable and reportable trails. We offer the latest innovations in biometric authentication as well as RFID smartcard technology and other identity management technologies. Also, we address all the regulatory compliances, PCI DDS, HIPAA, FISMA and GDPR.  Protect personnel and property from damage or harm with security measures that deny unofficial access to facilities, equipment and resources.

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Security Options are: Physical Access Control for Rooms and at Rack Level, Physical Environmental Threats ( Fire, Leak, Temperature, Humidity, Corrosive Gases, Particles, Airflow, Air Pressure, Vibration and Contact Closure), Surveillance Monitoring Systems, and Cages

Security Solutions