Healthcare Technology Solutions

In today’s technology-focused landscape, exceptional healthcare does not depend on clinicians alone. In order for healthcare institutions to succeed, you need functional, dependable technology to keep processes running smoothly. Healthcare technology such as mobile devices, telehealth, and patient data security, is essential to providing the best care possible. JEM has over 40 years’ experience addressing healthcare technology. We understand the nuances of leveraging IT in the healthcare arena. Whether you are a large hospital, small doctor’s office, or anything in between.

The healthcare industry is in the middle of a digital revolution. Technology innovation impacts patient care. From an influx of AI, machine learning and block-chain tools, to increased mergers and acquisitions, today’s healthcare organizations face unprecedented challenges and opportunities to leverage next generation IT in order to unite the full continuum of care.

Healthcare IndustryJEM not only offers products and services, we also offer support needed to embrace the latest industry trends and initiatives. This includes transforming the patient experience, enabling clinicians, improving security and risk management. We can also help you prepare for the future as well as provide advice on the right IT path to take selecting the best technologies, tools, and services to advance your healthcare mission and keep patients at the forefront.

Areas JEM Can Help

Here is where JEM can help with your technology needs: data centers, edge computing and network closets within your administration headquarters, hospitals, physician practices, medical & clinical offices, big data imaging from MRI and cancer centers, remote patient monitoring data, telehealth, pharmacies, senior care communities, home and memory care providers and hospital security.