Server & Network Enclosures

JEM Tech Group strives to provide each of our customers with an enclosure solution that best fits their needs. We offer several types of rack enclosures for all of the devices within your mission critical infrastructure. Choosing the right racks and configuring them to match your needs will ensure that your IT equipment operates reliably and efficiently, saving your organization from costly downtime and other needless expenses.

Rack Solutions: Racks – Active, Passive, 2 & 4 Post, Side Cars Centralized Device Management, Rear Door Heat Exchanger (HPC), Rack Level Security, Active/Passive RFID for Assets and Rack Hygiene (Intelligent PDUs, Environmental Monitoring, Blanking Panels, Air Foam, Brush Grommets and Right Sized Locking Colored Power Cords)

Server and Network Enclosures