Server & Network Racks / Enclosures

Server & Network Racks/Enclosures

Server and Network racks are part of the overall infrastructure including data centers, telecom closets and edge computing. The occurrence of replacing rack enclosures may only be every 10 to 15 years. IT equipment technology refreshes every 3 to 5 years. Therefore, during the design process it is important to consider a manufacturer who can easily reconfigure their enclosures. Your rack enclosures need to have flexibility and modularity for technology changes with power densities, cable management and overall airflow. JEM offers multiple rack mount enclosure manufacturers to best fit all the needs and requirements.

Server and Network Rack/Enclosure Solutions: Active, Passive, Edge Compute, Outdoor and 2 & 4 Post, Rear Door Heat Exchanger (HPC), Centralized Device Management (Rack PDUs, KVM over IP & Console Servers), Active RFID (Asset Tagging), Server Lifts

Server & Network Rack/Enclosures