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Active RFID Asset Tracking Solution

Tracking and Management of Critical IT Assets

So your not using active RFID asset tracking, are you finding it impossible to track 100% of your critical IT assets? Utilizing out-of-date processes like passive RFID tags and bar code technologies could be the issue. Manually executed inventory systems often provide inaccurate information. Why risk an increase in asset tracking vulnerabilities such as mismanagement, security breaches, auditing mistakes and man-hour diversion?

Active RFID Asset Tagging and ManagementActive RFID

By utilizing the right RFID asset tracking solution you will not only be able to track the lifecycle of a single piece of IT hardware, you will also have control of what assets exist in the network where they are located and you will be able to meet external security compliance reporting.

Download this white paper to learn more about Asset Vulnerability. View how the active RFID management system works. If you would like more information or are interested in a quote, contact us.