Transforming Your IT Needs

Dynamic Facility Maintenance

Are you looking for ideas to save your company money? JEM can assist you in increasing the longevity of your equipment with preventative facility maintenance. Here are ways we can help.

Cleaning & Repair

Cleaning & RepairOur specialized cleaning services protect your mission critical IT equipment from airborne particulates in order to keep it running efficiently. In addition to data centers, we provide this service within telecom rooms, network closets, and print rooms. Our cleaning team is a group of IT professionals with over 20 years of experience. While performing cleaning services, we identify and report any issues and concerns. For example leaks missed by your leak detection system, fire hazards, disconnected or damaged cables, and animal and insect nets. Here is additional information on our specialized cleanings.

In addition to our cleanings, we also offer floor repair services. We also follow best practices for airflow management within the room or enclosures as well as under raised flooring.

3rd Party Maintenance

Third Party Maintenance

Offering third party maintenance allows JEM to provide the best solutions to save money with optimum results. Not only will you receive individualized attention, we will also offer a customized solution according to your needs. Our top goal is to extend the life of your technology assets in order to reduce your capital expenditures. With a third party maintenance strategy, we strive to reduce your operational expenses as well.

Environmental Assessments

Environmental AssessmentsJEM takes a vendor neutral, holistic approach to environmental assessments. This allows us to identify and quantify issues affecting your IT-intensive spaces including data centers, computer rooms, and server rooms. Edge computing locations are also included as well as new sites for IT technologies (5G, IoT, AI and big data analytics). Each recommendation offers categories for ease of implementation and ROI. Our assessments, much like a “road map”, are the building blocks for attaining sustainable improvements while increasing efficiency.

Risk Assessments

Risk AssessmentsDon’t take a risk, keep your business from disruption by recognizing potential threats. Our risk assessment process includes identification, categorization and prioritization of threats to achieve key reliability business objectives.

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View our maintenance flyer in PDF format. We invite you to view JEM’s full line of products and services as well.