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4 Archetypes for Edge Computing

New white paper bring clarity to the edge ecosystem by identifying the characteristics and requirements of top edge use cases.

This white paper presents an overview of the four archetypes.  You will find examples of the most impactful use cases, as well as an overview of their connectivity requirements to local, metro and regional hubs.  After all, these hubs represent the edge transmission layer and core and are sometimes differentiated as edge, fog and cloud computing. Download the white paper to learn how these four archetypes can help guide decisions regarding the infrastructure required to support your edge applications.

You will find key points within this this white paper, such as:
Top 24 edge use cases based on project growth, criticality and financial impact.
Analyzed cases for common characteristics such as Bandwidth, Latency, Availability and Security.
Four edge archetypes are defined: Data Intensive, Human Latency Sensitive, Machine to Machine Latency Sensitive, Life Critical.

Download the white paper by clicking here.

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