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3D Data Center Visualizations: Better than being there

We know what you’re thinking…3D data center visualization is just another sales gimmick offering all style and no substance. In fact, you may have already viewed another data center management software that offers flashy 3D images that are not very useful.

3D Data Center VisualizationSunbird offers 3D visualizations that are data-driven. Not to mention, you will notice it’s faster, easier, and smarter than physically being in your data center. This DCIM solution enhances information in ways that make sense in order to get more out of your data. Not only can you view cabinet elevations in order to see where and how devices are placed but also connected. Analyze power, temperature, and humidity sensor readings at a glance. Get faster analysis as 3D displays at the speed of your browser, not by a server.

Take a two-minute break to watch this video on 3D data center visualization.

See for yourself by taking Sunbird’s DCIM tool for a free test drive today.

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