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IoT: Beyond the Boarders of Possibility with Industrial Edge

Let’s face it, technology is everywhere and in some instances real-time data analysis is necessary. For example, autonomous vehicles rely on GPS satellites, control centers and logistic operations to provide real-time data. Many manufacturing plants rely on sensors and scanners to provide real-time intelligence and analytics of the machinery and inventory. In these instances, IT and industrial converge at the edge of the network in order to provide information from sensors, scanners, tags and other devices cascade without latency providing real-time analysis.

Industrial Edge NEMA EnclosureIn industrial edge situations, it is necessary to house the edge infrastructure in harsh conditions. For instance, harsh conditions could be a plant floor where dust and particulates are airborne or outdoors where weather can be a factor. Enclosures with NEMA rating are critical to edge applications.

View this infographic on how IT and industrial converge at the edge of the network.

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