Transforming Your IT Needs

Intelligent Building Systems in a Single Pane of Glass

How do you currently monitor, manage, and control your complex building systems such as facilities, automation and data center operations? If you answered, “we don’t,” “each department uses their own software platform,” or even “one big scary Excel file,” please keep reading, as we may be able to provide some insight on how to gain control and save your company money utilizing an intelligent building system in a single pane of glass.

Full-Featured Software Suite For Facilities, Automation & Data Center Operations

How EntroCIM Works

What you can’t see could be costing your company money

If you are not currently monitoring your intelligent building systems, what you can’t see could be costing your company money. No matter the building, department or use case, monitoring equipment can save you time and money in the long run. It’s as simple as setting up alerts and reviewing autogenerated reports to identify issues before they become a costly problem.

Keeping track of multiple software platforms

Are you currently using multiple software platforms for the different areas within your business? For example, you might have a platform you use for facilities and a different one used for automation and then a DCIM (data center infrastructure management) tool used for your data center. Each platform offers their own views and reports. By utilizing a full-featured software suite you will find a uniformed platform. A single display application for multi-facility management to control energy, cyber security, networks and maintenance.

Spending too much on training and staffing costs

Having too many hands in the pot can create havoc, as well as confusion and miscommunication. Not to mention, a cross training nightmare where time could become costly. A single display application provides an opportunity to work smarter not harder.

Keeping track of IT assets and maintenance schedules

Do you know what IT assets you have as well as where they are located within your mission critical spaces? What approach do you take when it comes to equipment maintenance? Keeping a log of each asset along with where it is located could save a lot of time if there is an issue. Knowing that an asset is approaching end of life will also allow time for replacement before something breaks and takes your system down with it. Wouldn’t it be nice to receive a reminder via email or text to let you know it’s time to maintain equipment? Ensure management equipment is being cared for by sending reports of completed tasks even linking utility cost to predict potential cost savings.

Interested in learning more about intelligent building systems? Check out this brochure by EntroCIM regarding their facility integration management and automation platform. Schedule a live demo by contact JEM via phone or by email.