Transforming Your IT Needs

Dispatch Furniture and Technology Solutions

We have a variety of dispatch furniture  as well as IT solutions for your 24/7 mission-critical environments such as command and control consoles, modular bench systems, modular office furniture, racks and enclosuresintensive use ergonomic seating, and other ergonomic accessories.

Powering your dispatch facility

An outage of just a few seconds can mean the difference between life and death which is why it’s so important to have reliable power distribution (PDU) solutions and power supplies (UPS).

Additional solutions

Raised flooring in your facility not only allows for future enhancements of the technology infrastructure it also attenuates noise levels.  Are you merging with another facility?  You may need to upgrade your KVM switches. JEM can also help you spec out a new video wall, order IT hardware and peripherals and accessories like task lighting and display stands.

Central Dispatch Flyer

Feel free to download or share our Dispatch Furniture and Technology Solutions flyer.

JEM also offers installation services. We also offer maintenance on power and cooling.

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