Smart Cities

Smart City Infrastructure

smart city infrastructureSmart cities are not just about installing digital interfaces in traditional infrastructures or streamlining city operations. It is also about using technology and data purposefully to make better decisions and deliver a better quality of life. Smart cities are networked, and high-tech environments designed to improve residents’ personal and professional lives, while also making them more sustainable. Digital transformation can make infrastructure more efficient behind the scenes but making a city truly smart means more than installing sensor and software, it is about using technology and data to deliver a better quality of life.

There are many benefits to a smart city. Smart city infrastructure supports digital intelligence in existing urban systems, making it possible to do more with less. Connected applications put real-time, transparent information into the hands of users to help them make better choices. These tools can save lives, prevent crime, and reduce the disease burden. They can save time, reduce waste, and even help boost social connectedness. When cities function more efficiently, they also become more productive places to do business.

Areas JEM Can Help

JEM has 40 years’ industry experience and can help with your technology products and services needs within data centers, edge computing and network closets within your cities.  Our experience with smart cities, includes designing product and service offerings for indoor as well as outdoor applications.

Take a look at this white paper: Smart Cities Run On Smart Power.

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