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Will your business survive the next power outage?

How do I protect my network closet during the next power outage? You might be surprised to learn that by simply installing the right network closet solutions, you can not only protect your equipment but also save time, money and reduce risks. These affordable and scalable solutions span from adding an extended battery module to […]

Healthcare Power Basics

Maintain Always-on Power for Reliable Healthcare Just how important is it for healthcare organizations to plan in advance for utility failures?  In order to support critical life safety equipment, healthcare facilities need to formulate a plan for temporary and lengthy outages.  Therefore, standby power is necessary for all essential electrical systems (EESs).  Further, healthcare IT […]

UPS Basics: Everything you ever wanted to know

Understanding UPS Basics Are you familiar with UPS basics?  Of course, as you may already know, a robust power protection solution is absolutely vital to prevent downtime. Budgeting for electricity, securing adequate supplies of it and finding ways to use less of it are all common topics of conversation. Be sure the power you rely […]

Asset Management ROI

Utilizing intelligent asset management technology

Rack Basics

Do you know the rack basics? We all know racks organize IT equipment into standardized assemblies to make efficient use of space and other resources.  By researching the right racks and configuring them to match your needs,  IT equipment operates reliably and efficiently. In conclusion, you will save your organization from costly downtime and other […]