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JEM Event: Protecting the IT infrastructure in the cybersecurity era

Cybersecurity Event Head

The Average cost of a Cyber-Attack on Data Centers = $4 Million.  

As a company grows the need to manage and monitor their IT infrastructure increases. Have you ever questioned whether your management and monitoring solution is safe from a cyber-attack?  The number or attacks against industrial targets is growing, and security of such targets is being eroded due to an increase of Internet-connected devices. The cost of cybersecurity crime is projected to quadruple over the next couple of years reaching $2 trillion by 2019. Do you have appropriate policies and safeguards in place to protect your infrastructure from a debilitating cyber-attack?

JEM Tech Group and Kristin Judge, the founder of the nonprofit Cybercrime Support Network, invites both nontechnical and IT professionals to join this free workshop. Understand how to think about cybersecurity as a risk management issue and receive free resources to improve existing security.  

Topics include how a business can:

  • IDENTIFY business assets key to the business
  • PROTECT key assets
  • DETECT when a breach happens
  • RESPOND to an incident with a plan
  • RECOVER from an incident

Date: Wednesday, March 7th, 2018

Time: 12:30 pm - 5:30 pm (Feel free to share this invite with others in your corporation)