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Smarter Data Center Infrastructures

Smarter Data Center Infrastructures Are Critical to Business Success and Digital Transformation says New Research

Data centers that employ smart infrastructures and dynamic infrastructure management tools experience fewer problems and security breaches. To summarize a recent study conducted by global research firm IDC and sponsored in part by Raritan®.

IDC reached out to almost 400 data center professionals to gain a comprehensive look at current data center management practices.  The respondents, ranging from CTO to facilities manager, represent the such views as the following. Enterprises (72.6%), service providers (22.6%) and colo providers (4.8%).

“This special study uncovers key challenges that organizations face in managing their data centers and how these challenges are impacting the business today,” says Jennifer Cooke, IDC research director – Datacenter Management, who spearheaded the special study.  “As data centers will bear the burden of digital transformation initiatives in the coming years, addressing these challenges through investment in smarter data center resources – such as DCIM and intelligent cabinets – will be critical to success.”

To learn more about what is included in the findings from “IDC’s Datacenter Facilities Infrastructure Management and Operations Special Study”, click here.

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