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Key Decisions when Designing an Edge Infrastructure

The implementation of Edge computing is rapidly increasing as more organizations realize the benefits of high-speed processing at a local level. This enables them to leverage data faster, save money, free up bandwidth and improve operational efficiencies.

While processing speed is the number one factor for organizations to implement Edge computing, there are a number of other drivers motivating organizations to bring their computing to the Edge like scalability, infrastructure, cooling and security.

Industries Benefiting from EdgeRittal Edge Infrastructure Design

Edge Infrastructure can benefit any industry utilizing the following: internet of things (IoT), virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI), content streaming, autonomous vehicles, 5G networks, big data analytics, and machine learning.


Deploy a flexible design to accommodate future demands. Consider a design that you can quickly add accessories and reconfigure the enclosure to appropriately accept equipment sizes. Also, compartmentalize so IT and power equipment can be installed in the same enclosure as well as necessary cooling.


The need for changes/additions to the infrastructure when implementing new edge deployments may occur. Facility changes may include a backup generator, transformer, and switchgear. High-voltage, three phase electricity may need to be ran to a remote location site. Environmental and physical security may also be necessary to meet existing corporate standards.


Each rack needs adequate airflow. Therefore, an efficient cooling system is necessary to maintain the required temperature and humidity levels. Environmental factors at the installation site such as temperature extremes, solar loading if outdoors and exposure to the elements, must also be taken into consideration.


Eliminate unwarranted access to individual enclosures with rack level security. It is also important to implement fire detection and suppression features within the enclosures. Be sure the extinguishing medium is non-conductive in order to protect electronics.

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