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Edge Infrastructure You Can Rely On

Ensure your edge infrastructure is powered reliably and quickly from the beginning

Vertiv Edge Products

When latency becomes a real issue and milliseconds of downtime equals millions in lost revenue, you can rely on Vertiv for reliable mission critical Edge infrastructure.

To begin with, the VR rack offers tool-less features throughout for speedy deployments.

• 2.5″ more usable depth than similar racks
• Premium global rack solutions
• Supports high-density architectures
• Standard sizes w/TAA & Shock packaging options
• Comprehensive range of accessories

Then, get perfectly configured power for your IT application with in-rack PDUs.

• 60OC working ambient variants for high temperatures environments
• Compact Size to install in tight spaces
• Color-coded U-Lock system to secure power cords and avoid accidental disconnections
• Reduces energy costs while increasing efficiency
• 3-year warranty, 5-year warranty if registered after purchase

Finally, ensure reliable power with high performance line interactive UPSs for network power protection.

• 800VA to 5kVA
• Scalable run-time with matching external battery packs
• Rack/Tower convertible (compact 2U design)
• 0.9 output power factor
• SNMP communication option
• Controllable outlets and LCD screen
• Full range of accessories and services

Download further information on edge infrastructure products. Learn more about Vertiv and the New York State Contract.

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