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Are your top-of-rack network switches protected from overheating?

Rack Airflow Management: Cooling Network Switches

SwitchAir UnitOften times we find network switches, load balancers and routers placed at the top and back portion of the rack. This placement makes it difficult for proper rack airflow management. In order to prevent possible failure, cold air needs to travel from the front of the rack to the air intakes of the network switch equipment. Prevent failures by keeping network switches cool with the Vertiv Geist SwitchAir.

SwitchAir provides a path for cool air to travel to the intake of network switch equipment and other devices with rear (non-port side), front (port side), single or dual side intakes. It also creates a barrier to effectively prevent hot exhaust air from recirculating to device intakes. SwitchAir is simple and quick to install in all standard racks or cabinets.

Rack Airflow Management - SwitchAirLearn about the difference between passive and active SwitchAir units.  Click on the SwitchAir Finder image to find the right unit for your application.

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